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43929 Hydraulic Actuator Test Stand
43929 Hydraulic Actuator Test Stand

The Bauer Model 6776 Hydraulic Thrust Reverser Test Stand is designed to meet a wide range of requirements to test hydraulic thrust reverser actuarors i accordance with OEM requirements.

  • Skydrol or mineral oil fluid compatibility
  • Static testing up to 20,000 PSI
  • Directional control (cycle circuit)
  • Manual or semi-automated operation
  • Low pressure drop quick disconnect for easy UUT connection
  • Various models of the test stand are available, depending on specific application
    • Landing gear actuators
    • Servo actuators
    • Thrust reverser actuators
  • Supply and return line filtration ensure fluid cleanliness
  • Supplied by Hydraulic Power Unit (optional built-in supply)
  • Stainless steel or painted (depending on fluid type)
  • ATS3000 advanced test software with data acquisition and control system

Bauer has produced configurations of this equipment with various features and covering many different aircraft platforms.