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6776 Linear Hydraulic Components Test Stand
6776 Linear Hydraulic Components Test Stand

The Bauer Model 6636 Servo Actuator Test Stand is designed to test servo valves and servo actuators using the latest technology for fast and accurate testing. Utilizing Bauer’s ATS3000 Data Acquisition and Control System operation may be manual, semi-automated or fully automated.

  • Skydrol or mineral oil fluid compatibility
  • Programmable servo amplifiers provide two control channels with closed loop control at up to 80mA
  • Servo amplifiers controlled by soft panel configuration which optimizes control
  • Typical function generator sweep, such as sinusoidal, square wave, triangle waves and others
  • Null Window feature allows testing to be optimized for null regions without wasting time in non-transient regions
  • Specifically used with 3-way and 4-way electrohydraulic servo valves