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5472 Proof Test Tank
5472 Proof Test Tank
5772 Pneumatic Heat Exchanger Test Stand
5472 Proof Test Tank 2

The Bauer Model 5772 Pneumatic Heat Exchanger Test Stand, when used in conjunction with a Bauer Model 5472 Proof Test Tank, will provide complete testing capability for aircraft heat exchangers in accordance with CMM requirements.

  • Control air flow up to 300 PPM and pressures up to 160 PSIG
  • Height-adjustable tilt table to support and position flight hardware for pressure drop tests.
  • Optional large transition/inlet air duct (in excess of 8 feet in length) is required by some CMMs. Storage cart for the duct is provided.
  • High accuracy total flow, leakage flow, pressure drop, and air temperature measurements

Bauer has produced configurations of this equipment with various features and covering many different aircraft platforms.