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5732 Valve Line
5732 Valve Line
5732 Vacuum Chamber
5732 Vacuum Chamber 2
5732 Pneumatic Valve Test Stand
5732 Pneumatic Valve Test Stand 1
5732 Pneumatic Valve Test Stand 2

The Bauer Model 5732 Pneumatic Valve Test Stand is a versatile design, providing capability to test a wide variety of pneumatic valves and components installed on all modern aircraft with a broad range of flow, pressure, and temperature requirements in exact accordance with their respective CMMs.

  • Air mixing valve for precise temperature control
  • Mass flow meters for leakage flows & V-cone flow meters for mid and high range flows
  • Backpressure regulating butterfly valve
  • Portable vacuum chamber / vacuum air supply pump for sub-atmospheric testing requirements.
  • Inlet and outlet adapters to connect many pneumatic valves

Bauer has produced configurations of this equipment with various features and covering many different aircraft platforms.