Logo for Bauer

"Our greatest asset to our company's longevity has been our people."

Lou Auletta, Jr.
President & CEO
37 Years with Bauer

"Bauer has been, and continues to be a leader in the industry for high-quality component test equipment. Our greatest asset to our company's longevity has been our people. We currently have 22 employees who have been with Bauer for over two decades."

Spotlight Employees

Sharon R.

40 Years at Bauer

"It’s all about the take-offs and landings! Flying is the easy part."

Ron N.

Customer Service
40 Years at Bauer

"Working at Bauer allows me the privilege to participate in an industry that I have truly enjoyed throughout my professional career."

Joel K.

20 Years at Bauer

"Over the course of my Bauer career I have been involved in projects around the world, established many friendships, and built a professional reputation."

Brian D.

21 Years at Bauer

"The best part is the teamwork mentality between engineering & manufacturing; the ability to brain storm ideas to overcome any challenge."