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An Internship at Bauer gives students a rich and diverse working opportunity to learn more about the field in which they are studying. We give students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in the industry. Students will experience what it’s like to work in an engineering environment, interacting with supervisors and co-workers, while gaining practical hands-on experience. We put our students to work on important assignments that contribute to the overall completion of a project. They become part of a team that offers mentoring and guidance allowing students to leave with an enriching experience.University of Hartford

Bauer has a unique partnership with the University of Hartford’s College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture. We work with the school to enhance the students’ experience through internships and volunteer programs as they work toward their degree.

For more information regarding internships at Bauer or to apply for an internship please send an email to our Human Resources Manager, Bonnie Chadwick.