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April 2, 2024

Cima Aviation Set to Increase Capacity for Fuel Control Testing 

Cima Aviation (Miami, FL) and Bauer (Bristol, CT) have teamed up again for a Fuel Control Test Stand to test a variety of Hydro-Mechanical Units (HMUs), Fuel Metering Units (FMUs) and Main Engine Controls (MECs). This is the second Fuel Control Test Stand that Cima will receive from Bauer within 24 months, taking delivery of the first stand at the end of 2022. The new test stand being delivered to Cima later this year, will be located in a 30,000 sq. ft. facility where Cima will relocate on July 1 to accommodate the company’s rapid growth.

Bauer’s experience with Fuel Systems is unmatched in the industry and the test equipment company is distinguished by their superior quality, reliability, and prioritization of customer service.

Cima President, Ramces Gallego, says, “Cima Aviation is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers, providing unparalleled service and support. Our latest collaboration with Bauer on the Fuel Control Stand underscores our unwavering commitment to growth and innovation within the aviation industry. We are thrilled to join forces once again with Bauer.”

Lou Auletta, President & CEO of Bauer, adds “Ramces has clearly built Cima to be an industry leader in fuel systems. We are proud to contribute to an amazing success story and to continue our longstanding relationship with Cima’s great team.”

About Bauer

Bauer, established in 1916, designs and manufactures aircraft component test and support equipment for the commercial and military aviation industries. Leading OEMs, airlines, MRO and military organizations around the world rely on Bauer for technical expertise, highly reliable performance, and long-term support.

About Cima Aviation

Cima Aviation is a FAA/EASA approved repair station specializing in aircraft Fuel Accessories, Avionics, pneumatic, hydraulics and Electro-mechanical units, for local and international customers who are looking for reliable and effective maintenance service. Cima was recently awarded the top spot for “Best Fuel Systems and Fuel Accessories” in the esteemed 145 Top Show Awards for 2024.