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Romer Arm
Romer Arm

We offer repair services, inspection, calibration, and maintenance of tools, gauges, and testing equipment certified according to national and international standards supporting airlines, production, and maintenance companies.

Inspection, repair, calibration and coding of typical tooling:

  • Digital force gauge
  • Air hydraulic tool kits
  • Dynamometric adaptors
  • Backlash checking tool
  • Push-pull gauge
  • Measuring tools
  • Torque wrenches hydraulic load cells
  • Digital thermometers and thermocouples

Inspection methods:

  • 3-dimensional measurement inspection
  • Non-destructive testing (fluorescent penetrant inspection)
  • Visual, load pressure, temperature

Inspection of:

  • Aircraft inspection tools / gauges (including functional testing and maintenance)
  • General checking fixtures (including repair / replacement)
  • Hydraulic load cells